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SM Synthesis - Salvatore Mercatante

'SM Synthesis' is the new album from Salvatore Mercatante, and it's an enormous flex of the muscles.

Deviating from his glacial 'Upper' EP, Salvatore kicks up the energy several notches. While retaining his undeniable sonic creativity, 'SM Synthesis' yields a beguiling and hypnotic mix of tracks which flicker and delight from beginning to end.

The slick, dancefloor-friendly pulses of 'minnt' and 'diety of one' nestle beautifully alongside the melodic, downtempo majesty of 'red oc' and 'l aqua'. 'SM Synthesis' is brimming full of clean lines, warm-but-not-cloying bass, and immaculate production techniques, and could easily be mistaken for being a lost Autechre album, sandwiched in-between Amber and Tri Repetae. It's that damn good.

But if you are familiar with Salvatore's work, this will come as no surprise to you. If this is your first listen, you couldn't have found a better LP to initiate yourself.


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