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Sobyo - NRV

Updated: Apr 14

NRV is the drone/ambient project by a Sendai, Japan-based musician Nerve. He is best known as the producer behind
the electro-pop band antennasia, incorporating dub, electronica, synth-pop, jazz etc. alongside San’s magnetic vocals.
Their albums, “23 Bluebird St., Velo-City”, "Howling", “Error Code : SFRN” and such, have been released from various
labels around the world including Lemongrassmusic (Germany), Mezå (US), Double Life Records (Japan).
The impetus behind NRV lies in a soft simplicity — inspired by everyday life and places, giving rise to emotional spaces.
The project started in the lockdown summer of 2020, where he was able to take his time trying out various approaches
and sonic experiments, ultimately forging his sonic identity.


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