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Drive - D.N.Alien

A Barcelona based digital innovator, D.N.Alien has mixed an eclectic selection of genres including traditional Tibetan chanting and tribal beats in the track Mandala, elements of Trap and Hip Hop with Tech House beats and melodic piano in Arrival, Retrowave and Synthwave vibes with Electro Pop and Techno in his latest release Drive.

D.N.Alien started producing music and DJing in London in 2014. His musical roots run deep with influences including progressive and classic rock, house music, world music, classical, video game and movie soundtracks, 80s, and organic sounds found in nature. The wind, waves, storms, bells, chanting, have all influenced his attitude and vibe.

Currently he is collaborating with a number of other artists including Dana Olteanu, and Michelle di Donna on his latest single, Drive.



Tune in here: https://www.nemc-radio.com/

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